Electric Vehicle charging station in India
Electric Vehicle charging station in India

Electric Vehicle charging station in India

March 10, 2022

Hey have you ever seen a petrol pump? Will definitely see it. Because without a petrol pump petrol cannot be put in any vehicle. In a big country like India, petrol pumps will be seen in crores of numbers.

You will get to see the petrol pump very easily from place to place. That’s why so many petrol pumps have been built. So that you people never have to face the problems of petrol and diesel in the long route.

But here we are not going to talk about petrol pump. Because times are changing. The time that is coming now is the time of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles save a lot of money in your pocket.

Apart from this, we all know very well that petrol and diesel are available in limited quantities. It will end when the time comes. In such a situation, the needs of the people will have to be met by electric vehicles only.

But the biggest problem comes out in electric vehicles. How many kilometers can an electric vehicle run on a single charge of its average? By the way, there are such electric vehicles inside the market, after charging once, you can cover more than 200 kilometers.

But this distance is not enough. So looking at this problem. Now, like petrol pumps, electric vehicle charging stations are being built for electric vehicles.

If you do not know about them, then let me tell you that the work of Electric Vehicle Charging Station is to charge the vehicles. Like petrol pumps, now they are being installed in every corner of the country.

So that your electric vehicle can cover long distances. you will never face the problem of charging in the journey. Talking about India, these stations have been established in many places. Let’s know about Electric Charging Station in India

Electric vehicle charging station in India

Talking about this time inside India, there are 1640 public electric vehicle charging stations in India. In the coming time, their number may be even more. Because as soon as people start buying electric vehicles.

By the way, the number of charging stations will increase. At present, all the charging stations are under the control of the public. But as soon as the era of electric vehicles will come.

By the way, these charging stations private will also start opening. The charging station facility is available in about 9 states of India.

Out of which 40 cities come. Delhi and Mumbai are the two main cities. Where the charging station is more. Apart from this, charging stations are available in 9 different states of India.

Surat, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Chennai are those cities. Where approximately 940 out of 1640 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are available in these cities.

Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad are the cities that provide more than 300 charging points to 40 cities of India.

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